The Last, The Very Last… Butterfly

A powerful production designed to help young people understand the roots of prejudice and the value of moral thought and behavior.


Available Throughout 2020-2021

(Grades 4 Thru 12, and Up)

“The Last, The Very Last . . . Butterfly” is a Holocaust remembrance piece designed for audiences age 9 to adult. Adapted for the stage and movingly underscored with music, sound and visual media, ” . . . Butterfly” is a collection of poems, narrative and drawings created by children who passed through the Terezin Concentration Camp between 1942 and 1944. The broad range of style and treatment of subject matter in both the poems and drawings illustrates the feelings, hopes and dreams of children growing up in a place with “little food, clothing or comfort, enclosed by barbed wire and Nazi soldiers standing guard.” While the presentation tells just a few of many stories of the Holocaust, it is an ideal introduction to or culmination of, Holocaust study, character development and prejudice reduction. 

Through the study of the Holocaust students will gain understanding of the roots of prejudice, the tragedy of genocide, the importance of courage in the face of injustice, and the value of individual actions of heroism,. Holocaust education will assist students in gaining cognitive skills such as reading and listening for a point of view and  hidden assumptions, evaluating evidence for a given viewpoint, analyzing propaganda techniques, solving hypothetical problems and recognizing generalizations that can lead to prejudicial stereotyping.

Meets Holocaust Education mandate.

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