A More Perfect Union

A spirited folk musical introducing the people and events that led to the writing and signing of our Constitution.

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Available Throughout 2020-2021

(Grades K Thru 6)

Presented in story form and brimming with song, dance, drama and humor “ . . . Union” personalizes the workings of history by following four representative characters — Benjamin, Rebecca, Luke and Abby — who bring us to the center of many key episodes.

The story of “A More Perfect Union” begins in Boston, 1773 and ends at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, 1787. The play covers the critical and tempestuous time in our nation’s history in which revolution, war, and a failed attempt at self-governing finally led to the writing of the U.S. Constitution and the birth of our country as we know it today. Briefly addressing the American Revolution and the underlying causes thereof, the majority of the play examines that period between the winning of our Independence and the formation of our national government.

This musical, for young and family audiences, theatrically examines the various legal and financial troubles that arose from thirteen independent states trying to coexist without a unifying governing body. For example: the economic chaos that resulted from each state having its own currency. In a hilarious scene, personifications of New York, New Jersey and France attempt to negotiate trade with each other while having to contend with two separate state taxation laws and systems of money.


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FREE & Accessible Distance Learning Tools

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Over the next four weeks, Pushcart will post a lesson plan that corresponds with a 15 minute video selection of A MORE PERFECT UNION. Please feel free to utilize our lesson plans, study guides and videos to enhance your distance learning options. This show is appropriate for instruction in theater, history, social studies, and civics.



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WEEK 1: “The Road to Revolution”

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WEEK 2: “The Promise of Peace”

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WEEK 3: “The Independent States of America”

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WEEK 4: “In Order to Form A More Perfect Union”

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